J. Alden Weir, Bush, 1882
Private Collection

Weir painted in Windham from the very first year he visited, in 1882, and continued to do so until his death. In anticipation of an extended visit to Windham during September 1882, Anna wrote to Julian in late August urging him to “be sure to bring your paints with you.” 8
During this lengthy visit, in addition to the couple’s other regular activities (walks and rides through the country, reading by the fire, attending church), Anna accompanied Julian on sketching expeditions in “the old red waggon (sic),” observed him as he painted, and sat for Julian’s portrait, Anna with a Greyhound. Weir also painted a “large flower piece,” a “portrait” of Anna’s dog, Bush, and a “smaller work” during his September 1882 stay in Windham. Bush (Private Collection) became Weir’s engagement present to Anna and her portrait with a greyhound his wedding present to her.
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J. Alden Weir, Anna with A Greyhound, 1882
Private Collection


J. Alden Weir, Obweebetuck, c.1908
Private Collection

Weir painted a variety of subjects in Windham — landscapes, portraits of family and friends, flower pieces, and scenes that juxtapose nature and industry. The precise location of many of Weir’s landscape paintings cannot be identified by visual cues alone. In most cases, determining what landscape scenes were executed in Branchville or Windham (or elsewhere) can only be assured when the artist included the location in the title, the painting incorporates a prominent feature of a particular location, or the works are mentioned in letters or other documents.
Obweebetuck today

from behind the Baker/Weir House, 2011

Obweebetuck from the family album

Obweebetuck, Family Photo Album
Photo courtesy National Park Service,
Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT