Windham Green

Windham Green - c. 1900
Connecticut Historical Society

Character and History of Windham Center
Windham was a community proud of its heritage, its role in the Revolutionary War, and its rural beauty. The village was settled in the 1600s and incorporated as a town in 1692. Most Windham Center residents — including Anna's family the Bakers and their ancestors the Taintors — could trace their family history back to the founding of Windham in the seventeenth century. Because of this distinguished history, locals, including Weir, affectionately referred to the town as Old Windham.  At the turn of the century, when Weir frequented the area, Windham Center consisted of farmland and summer homes. As a close-knit community of friends and families who socialized regularly and kept abreast of each other’s activities, Windham suited Weir's affable personality perfectly. Julian and Anna, as well as Anna's parents, were typical Windham Center residents in that they wintered in New York City and summered in Windham. In those days, summer typically extended through September and sometimes well into October.
1932 Windham Map

A Map of Windham Connecticut - 1932
Showing the original home lots and pastures laid out at the founding of the town 1686