Childe Hassam & J. Alden Weir

Detail from The Ten American Painters, 1908
Childe Hassam & J. Alden Weir
Haeseler Photographic Studios, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Childe Hassam painted at least two works while staying with Weir in Windham during August of 1905. Hassam was one of Weir’s closest friends. The two met in New York during the late 1880s and stayed in constant touch with one another. Hassam made numerous visits to Weir’s Branchville home and he was constantly writing imploring Weir to come to Hassam’s favorite rural retreats in Old Lyme, Connecticut and the Isle of Shoals, off the coast of Maine and New Hampshire.23
Hassam’s The Old Oak, Windham (1905, Private Collection) is a brightly colored impressionist painting of an oak tree. Hassam painted at least one other canvas in Windham. A painting titled Windham Elms was listed as part of the inventory of the MacBeth Gallery in 1920.24
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