Emil Carlsen, Weir's Place at Windham, 1907
Thomas Colville Fine Art, LLC, Guilford, CT

Of the artists who visited Weir at Windham, Emil Carlsen came more frequently and stayed for the longest stretches of time, often for a few months. During these visits, Carlsen painted some of his most stunning landscapes. Born in Denmark, Carlsen moved to the United States in 1872 after studying architecture in Copenhagen. He spent some time in Chicago, Paris, San Francisco, and Pennsylvania before settling permanently in New York around 1891 where he met Weir. Carlsen initially established himself as a still-life painter, but after 1900 he began to focus more intently on landscapes. In 1905 he purchased a house in Falls Village, Connecticut.
Emil Carlsen with his son, Dines at Windham

Emil Carlsen with his son, Dines at Windham
Photo courtesy National Park Service
Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT

When summering at Windham, Carlsen stayed in the 1781 cottage owned by Weir that was located directly across the street from the Baker/Weir house — the same house that Lou Frink would later occupy. 
Carlsen painted some spectacular landscapes during his stays in Windham.
Night, Old Windham, (1904, Florence Griswold Museum) is a beautiful moonlit scene depicting the cottage where Carlsen and his family stayed. Carlsen’s easel would have been set up on the front lawn of the Baker/Weir house looking down toward the cottage. At least two other works by Carlsen can be attributed to his long stay in Windham during 1904, October Summer, a large painting of forty by fifty inches and a smaller version of the same scene, Late Fall Day at Windham (The William Benton Museum of Art). Both paintings feature a thin paint surface and compositions abstract in their simplicity. Carlsen signed and dated the back of another small landscape from Windham painted in a similar tonality, Mullein Stalks, Windham, CT (Private Collection), September 17, 1906. Weir’s Place at Windham (1907, Thomas Colville Fine Art) is a remarkable landscape that Carlsen considered one of his “very finest pictures.”25
Night, Old Windham

Emil Carlsen, Night, Old Windham, 1904
Oil on canvas, 50 ½ x 40"
Florence Griswold Museum, Gift of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, 2002.1.25

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