“My Dear Ella, the weather has been fine and I think we may have a day or two more of it. I stopped off at New Haven and saw John for a few minutes, and he says he will try and get up to spend next Sunday with us. I stopped over at East Hampton and went out with the man who was training the dog, Prince, and was greatly pleased with him, so I brought him on with me to Windham and today have hunted him both morning and afternoon; and he is, I think, the best dog I ever had. He did very fine work; I have a dozen quail and two partridges to bring back with me.
Joe Knocks arrived this afternoon – I have made arrangements with Charley, the farmer in the farm-house to board him, but he had no bed, so I took the bed that was in the room off the kitchen and had them move it up to their house. I went up at half-past eight to see Joe, but found that he had retired. Mr. Waterous came up to spend the evening. He has dismissed his man and is in quite a fix as the winter is so close at hand. He was very amusing with his description of farm affairs. I am going out hunting again tomorrow, and will expect Paul up about noon with the cattle. I hope I will have a good day to take Paul up to Storrs.
The old place looks lovely and everything seems to be in fairly good shape. They are late with the corn husking and the manglewertgels are not yet in, but on the whole considerable work has been done, and the horses and cattle look in good shape. I saw Mr. Lockman last night - they are still up here, but are now thinking of returning to the city.
I hope you are all well and hope you had a successful day in the city without mishaps. I wish you could have come here with me. I know you would have enjoyed seeing the old place in such good shape. The people all seem well and happy here. Give my love to the little ones, and hoping you will all remain in good health – so with love I remain, Affectionately your Julian”

J. Alden Weir, Windham to Ella, Branchville, Nov. 6, 1902
Dorothy Weir Young Papers, Vault MSS 1291, Box 4, folder 2, Weir Family Papers,
L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.