“Don’t make our hearts ache by telling about the men who have their wives and children with them in the little cottages. We will just hope they will always be as happy as they are now. Your little ones are perfectly well, and Dorothy as you can see and perhaps read has written dear Papa a letter. Yesterday we took lovely flowers to the cemetery, heliotrope and roses for Anna and a soft white cross with some pansies for the dear little boy. We shall never forget them now, no matter how old we grow. Caro and I went to church in the afternoon and afterward we all sat under the trees . . . Grandma, Caro, Dorothy and I spent all the morning driving, a most perfect day. Affectionately always Ella”

Ella Baker, Windham to J. Alden Weir, Chicago, August 16, 1892
National Park Service, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT