"My dearest little Anna - I have thought of you often today, wondering at times how you passed the long morning, as I fear it must have been, having made such an early start . . . I waited some fifteen minutes at the station before the train started, and then arranged myself to read the interesting novel you gave me, but often I caught myself nodding and no sooner my eyes closed, than the story was broken and in place I heard your voice, a laugh or a call. Then when I would unfortunately awake, the reality that I was separated from you would make me pause, and looking on the landscape saw the space greater and greater between us by the fast speeding of the train. I hope you arrive safely and did not take cold. I would have given a great deal to have turned back with you, my trip to your place and the expectation and realization of all that was lovely was so fully realized. Those lovely dinners, the way you looked and your every movement filled my impressionable mind full, and I find myself living over already the delightful hours I had there . . . It has been raining at intervals today in the city, seems to me like a large prison and I would forgo all its attractions to be out in the quiet settings of Windham. There rain could be even enjoyed, should it come." 

Julian Alden Weir, New York City to Anna Dwight Baker, Windham, May 10, 1882
National Park Service, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT

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