“. . . I am seated in my quiet studio, the rain and wind moaning against my large window and alas so filled with thoughts of you . . . I concluded here to stop, as I am allowing myself to be blue so have reread again your charming bright letter, the descriptions led me with you to the barnyard and those side hills and trees are dear to me as well; the pond with its placid waters and the friendly dog who swam out for the stick you threw in, bring back the brightest of bright days . . . then the seat near the large trees all these have a fairy look to me as I reflect & last but not least the forget-me-nots, which I never before saw so abundant and certainly it bespeaks my thoughts, for never can these days be forgotten . . .”

Julian Alden Weir, New York City to Anna Dwight Baker, Windham, May 13, 1882
National Park Service, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT