“I love to think over those pleasant walks we took together. I have been picturing this afternoon only a week ago, which seems ages since, when we went to church and afterwards walked down the main road and through the fields, passing by the hawthorn trees and so following the little brook until we came to the corner fence, when I helped dear Anna over and as she stood upon those bars with her lovely head against the sky, recall those eyes which did outshine the day, for now I but recall your face and form and all the landscape seems misty; then on the seat I see you by the pond in the niche of the two large trees, and the last place where you sat down, before we wended our way back to the house by the Corner — this was near where the pond overflowed, so that your words recall the rippling water as it washed over the pebbles . . .”

Julian Alden Weir, New York City to Anna Dwight Baker, Windham, May 14, 1882
National Park Service, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT