Portrait of Anna Holding a Glass

J. Alden Weir, Portrait of Anna Holding a Glass, c. 1882-1893
Private Collection

When Anna Baker and J. Alden Weir were apart during the first year of their engagement — usually when Julian was working in New York City or conducting business in the Adirondacks and Anna was residing with her family in Windham or elsewhere — Anna and Julian wrote to each other almost every day. These letters - many of which can be seen by clicking the links in the sidebar on the left - disclose not only the couples’ deep love for each other, but also how intensely they were attached to the scenery of Windham. Their correspondence also shows that, although not an artist herself, Anna shared with Julian both an artistic temperament and a deep passion for nature. 
Photo of Anna Baker Weir

Anna Baker Weir, c. 1882-1893
photo courtesy National Park Service
Weir Farm National Historic Site, Wilton, CT